MORPHE X Jaclyn Hill All The Glam

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Put your best face forward with this exclusive, curated brush set. With 3 face and 2 eye brushes, you can buff and blend your way to a flawless complexion and stunning eye looks.


JH03 Ride-or-Die Foundation Brush (synthetic) – “It’s perfect. It’s dense. It’s synthetic. It packs on an amazing amount of product.”
JH06 My Everything Brush (natural) – “This is my favorite brush. I love it because I use it for everrrrrrrything on my face.”
JH14 Best Light Brush (natural) – “I’m definitely livin’ my best life (and highlight) with this brush.”
JH37 Buffer Blender Brush (natural) – “It really gets in there and buff, buff, buffs.”
JH39 Inner Corner Highlight Brush (synthetic) – “Everyone needs an inner corner highlight, and that’s what this brush is for.”
Large Brush Bag

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