UNCOVER SKINCARE Neulii Cica-Pepta Repair Serum


  • Infused with Cica(Centella Asiatica / Gotu Kola) to sooth sensitive skin
  • Contains 5 types of peptides
  • Soothes and repairs skin barrier, revitalises rough and tired skin
  • Made in Korea

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A damaged skin barrier causes dryness, sensitivity and accelerated ageing, Cicapepta repair serum nourishes and revitalises the skin barrier to combat sensitivity, dryness and damage using key ingredients “Cica” (Centella Asiatica, an age-old Korean skincare ingredient) which helps calm and soothe the skin with its antibacterial and inflammatory properties restoring damaged skin caused from the external environment and “peptides” that accelerate skin healing, increase skin renewal, slow down ageing, reduce wrinkles, boost collagen and elastin synthesis and promote skin rejuvenation. Great for sensitive skin.


For best results, apply a moderate amount onto clean and toned skin and gently pat to allow for absorption.


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