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Select your Category and your package

This is the dashboard you will get once you sign up.

Upload your  profile image (size 300*350 max size 1mb)

Fill in your business tagline/slogan

Enter your biography, it will show up on your business profile

Contact Details(website, skype, etc)

Provide the range you want to provide service in(Anyone who wants to get service from you will be under your cover range)

Service Perform At( Where will you provide your service; your location , customer location or both).

Enter your social media links.

You can update your password on your profile

Fill In your General Profile Details

Select your service category

Select amenities or features, e.g wi fi, car parking etc

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Cover Image is the background image that will appear on your business profile (2000*400 px)

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On attachments, you can upload any certificates or similar.

 If you have any video, you can enter your video url on embed code section.

After all that don’t forget to click on submit information,

Click on my profile. To view your profile

My Jobs

If you have applied for any jobs posted , you will see it on your job dashboard.

Booking Settings

Enter your short booking title e.g Get a Quote Booking process should be on otherwise no one will be able to book your services.

Select time slots Booking based on: Open; anyone can book, region only people based on your region e.g Nairobi will be able to book your services.

Booking amount charged based on services

Select free or paid booking(should the customers pay for booking your services).

Availability settings(e.g I am available for the next three months).

Minimum amount to accept booking.


You have to set your operating hours e.g from 6:00am to 6:00 pm.

Don’t forget to enter the maximum number of booking you will receive during that period

Similarly do the same for other days of the week

If you want to do everything in bulk select this option

Max bookings is the maximum number of bookings you can receive per day.

So you don’t have to select booking options manually for each day


If you won’t be available for the next three months

Click set unavailability and select your option.


Whenever you have any booking you will receive it on this dashboard.


Whenever someone will ask you about your quotation you will see that option on this dashboard

Business hours

You can update your business hours from here

Postal Codes

You don't have to do anything here


If you have multiple branches you can click on add new branch and add your branch details over here.

My services

This is the main section of your provider dashboard

An example if you are a photographer, you can add in wedding photography, how will you charge it (per hour or a fixed price). Number of hours, you can create group or you can leave it out as blank

Don't forget to click on create

My services

You can create a an offer or promotion 

Click on create offer

Give it a title e.g 25% off, enter coupon code 25%0ff,expiry date, maximum number of people who will get the coupon code. Enter the percentage , give it a short description and click on create

If you go to your  profile  you will find these services present

My services

If someone wants to book your service, they will have to select the service.

Select their location.

Book a date and time when you will be available

Enter their customer information before booking your service.

Team Members

If you want to add some team members you can add them on this dashboard. They can provide service on your behalf.

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