BE + RADIANCE Multi-Purpose Face Oil Probiotics + Omega 3


This multi-purpose oil is a healthy skin bestfriend ! To be used as a skincare, mixed with foundation and even as makeup remover



 Only 7 Ingredients 100% from Natural Origin !

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A face oil that turns into a makeup remover and that boosts the microbiome!

The skin microbiota is a set of living organisms on the skin that continually evolve and adapt to help it fight against external aggressors. Pollution, stress, beauty products can deplete it, resulting in various skin problems such as dryness, excess sebum, irritation, and even eczema or psoriasis. 

In order to help the microbiota regenerate and diversify,integrating probiotics into every step of your skincare and makeup routine is a real health and beauty benefit.

Thanks to an innovative technology, “active” probiotics are integrated into all Be Radiance formulas. Encapsulated, these good bacteria activate upon contact with the water present on the skin, to positively take over the microbiota and recreate a naturally protective bacterial ecosystem.

How to Use:

As a skincare:

apply all over your face to enjoy the benefits of Probiotics and Omega 3.

As a makeup base:

use as a primer, or mixed with your foundation for a healthy and glowy result.

As a makeup remover:

emulsify with water on the skin to soflty remove makeup while respecting your skin microbiome.


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