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5 mistakes to avoid while growing a beard.

A beard is an awesome responsibility that must never be taken lightly. Growing a beard shows class, refinement and taste. However, while almost anyone can grow a beard, tending to it is something that is often overlooked. So here are 5 massive errors to avoid when growing a beard.

  1. Ignoring washing regularly

Not washing a beard is like owning a dog and being too lazy to walk it. It’s utterly negligent and unforgivable. A beard is an indelible part of your personality and should be treasured. So washing it is definitely the least bit of care you have to take of it. It literally takes two minutes. Lukewarm or cold water with a quality beard wash is all the maintenance it needs. Your beard doesn’t ask for much, so make sure it gets at least the bare minimum care.

  1. Be wise, moisturize

Scraggly, dry and unmanaged beards are the absolute worst. They send out a message that you’re lazy and don’t much care what someone may think of you. Moisturizing your beard isn’t rocket science. All it takes is a couple of minutes with a good quality beard oil. Keep a daily moisturisation routine in place. Start with gently washing your beard (as explained in Step 1) and then use a quality beard oil (once you’ve dried off the excess water). It is literally that simple. Anybody could do it, so why aren’t you? 

  1. Letting people play with your man pride

If you let people fidget with your beard, or worse still stroke it, you may have a serious problem. That problem is that you’re a people pleaser and have the self esteem of a pet dog! Remember that your beard is a part of your identity, and you need to value it. Not to mention that the oily hands of another person could easily ruin the delicate pH balance of your facial hair and could seriously inhibit its growth!  

  1. Letting an unqualified stylist give you a trim

You wouldn’t let a tailor maintain your expensive sports car, or let a fisherman perform heart surgery, right? Receiving a trim from an unqualified stylist is a similar no-brainer then! The next time you need to get a trim, simply use Google to find the nearest qualified stylist and check out his/her user ratings. Trust us, your beard will thank you! 

  1. Soap is for your hands, not your face

Using soap on your face, still? Why not straight up use a toilet brush too! Soaps are meant to cleanse your hands and feet, definitely not your face. Beard growth needs a certain pH level and soaps are known to dry out the skin and ruin that. So instead of using soap on your face, use a mild face wash, it will yield a better wash, without screwing up your face and beard!  

Beards are objects of art, and objects of art need to be well tended, if they are going to be displayed, and expected to look awesome (the way they were meant to be), so avoid these 5 cardinal beard sins, and your object of art will look and feel a lot better! Until next time, stay bearded, stay cool! 

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