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A Touch Of Blush

August was Hair Loss Awareness Month and it got me thinking of my own hair journey.

There are the known causes for hair loss including , stress , diet, hormones, and age. And if you’re a mom like me, you’ve experienced the dreaded post partum hair loss that can make being a new parent just a little bit more sleep deprived.

Not my first ride with motherhood so with my last child in 2021, I was prepared. I loaded up on my pregnancy vitamins in preparation for the tragedy of clumps of hair falling off a few months after my child arrived and it sure did and like every mom I was devastated.

But I was persistent with my routine and delighted after 2-3 months my hair line was back and my hair healthy again !

My little secret is nothing more than a little red jar. HAIRtamin Advanced Formula is a clean, one-a-day, hair nourishing supplement with clinically-studied, vegan ingredients that can help maintain stronger, longer, thicker-looking hair. Formulated with 22 clean hair loving ingredients , it really is a wonder in a red bottle. My hair feels and looks healthier and the regrowth has been amazing through my pregnancy and after.

With no side effects , HAIRtamin supplements can be safely taken by all and it has been one of my personal achievements to bring HAIRtamin to our market.

Here’s a few extra things to know about HAIRtamin: HAIRtamin is Vegan, cruelty free , Allegen Free, has nothing artificial , non parabens , non GMO and can be found exclusively in Africa at Blushbox Kenya.

While the Advanced Formula and Gummy Stars are generally considered safe by doctors, HAIRtamin MOM is specifically for expecting and postnatal women. It helps support you, your baby, and yes-YOUR HAIR! It’s still just 1 vegan capsule a day and loaded with essential nutrients you and your baby need to grow..

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