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6 reasons why choosing your signature scent is important

In nature, smell is an important sense. When it comes to attraction, the chemistry of scent is what rules the roost. Animal attraction is all about the pheromones one leaves behind. There are 10 reasons why choosing your signature scent is of utmost importance. These go above and beyond just simple attraction. So without wasting any time let’s delve into the science of smelling good. 

  1. A statement of confidence: One of the most important reasons for choosing your signature scent is that it is a statement of confidence. When it comes to making an impression, your signature scent is the one thing that enters before you and lingers after you’ve left. A good, robust scent therefore is one of the first tools you can use to exude confidence. While a firm handshake, dressing appropriately and mutual respect are all important, nothing says self assuredness better than your signature scent. 
  1. The aura of presentability: As human beings, we associate good, strong and pleasant smells with cleanliness, completion, good taste and presentability. So choosing your signature scent is an important part of appearing presentable. With notes of amber, sandalwood, oud and patchouli at the base, the Divine Oud by The Complete Man is one of the best signature scents around. 
  1. It is a statement of class: A signature scent, just like your taste in clothes, wine and accessories is a statement of class. A single whiff of your signature perfume speaks volumes about your preferences, about your class, calibre and standing in the world. A signature scent need not cost you the world and proof of this lies in the Blanc Eau De Parfum from The Complete Man. With premium ingredients like Bergamot, Labdanum, Musk and Cinnamon, you’d be forgiven if you perceived it to be 3 times as expensive as it is! Our little secret then! 
  1. It sets you apart: Your signature scent does more than JUST smell good. It sets you apart from every other man in the room. How you smell is how you’re perceived by not just your peers, but more importantly, the opposite sex. Women have reported feeling attracted towards men who smell distinctive, Cedar and Sandalwood are among the most attractive to women. These two powerhouse ingredients are found in the Nuit Eau De Parfum by The Complete Man. Need we say more? 
  1. It makes you more attractive: Women are massively olfactory creatures. In a survey conducted by The Express in UK in 2017, a staggering 36 percent of women polled that body odour is their #1 turnoff. You see then how your signature scent instantly can make you immediately attractive to the opposite sex? There is little doubt then that your signature scent can define you as either a winner or a player to the ladies! 
  1. It makes you seem more successful: In the eyes of most people, signature scents cost more and therefore being able to afford them can seem like the wearer is successful in monetary terms. Therefore exploiting this perceptionary bias, it is simple to see why the range of perfumes from The Complete Man will make you seem more successful than the competition!

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