O’BAO Bakuchiol & Spirulina Serum


Reveal youthful looking skin without the overly drying effects from retinol-based products. The Bakuchiol Spirulina Serum does what retinols can do in terms of anti-aging but without its harsh effects on the skin. This wonderful and lightweight serum uses a powerful blend of antioxidants from baobab powder, bakuchiol, and spirulina to help your skin repair and prevent damage caused by aging.

Size: 30ml

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Your skin loses its ability to produce collagen as you age, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. This powerful anti-aging serum is infused with spirulina amino acids and peptides that aid in the production of new collagen. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, loss of elasticity is prevented, and skin firming is drastically improved. Bakuchiol helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and helps with pigmentation, elasticity, and firmness. It works through the same receptors that retinol uses, which is why many refer to it as a natural retinol alternative. Spirulina can boost the overall health, hydration and radiant appearance of your skin. Rich in nutrients, vitamins and both fatty and amino acids, it provides food necessary for optimal skin function.

Our Commitment to You
Paraben-Free: Pure and natural skin care.
Cruelty-Free: Committed to ethical beauty.
Silicone-Free: For naturally radiant skin.
100% Vegan: Aligning with your principles.
Experience the Transformation

Rediscover Your Radiance: Let the potent combination of Bakuchiol and Spirulina redefine your skincare routine. This powerful duo supports your skin’s journey towards grace, authenticity, and timeless beauty.

Embrace Your New Skincare Essential: Experience the rejuvenating effects of our serum. Age gracefully and beautifully with a touch of nature’s best.

Apply 3-5 drops on cleansed face and neck. Massage until absorbed. Follow with O’BAO Superbotanical Face Oil or Hydre Intense Night Creme.

Unlock Timeless Beauty, Gently


The Power of Nature in Every Drop

Bid Farewell to Harsh Chemicals: Discover the gentle efficacy of our Bakuchiol Spirulina Serum. This plant-based solution, crafted with care, offers the age-defying results you seek, minus the discomfort associated with conventional retinol products.


Why Choose Bakuchiol & Spirulina?

Your Ally in Graceful Aging: As time goes by, your skin demands extra attention. Our serum, enriched with spirulina amino acids and peptides, rejuvenates collagen production. You’ll notice a visible reduction in fine lines, enhanced elasticity, and a revitalized youthful appearance.


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