DOSE OF COLORS Better Together Palette Value Set


When you combine these two palettes, you get the Better Together Value Set – a fusion of past and present, nostalgia and creativity. It’s a creator’s dream, a makeup lover’s paradise, and an opportunity to celebrate our shared history in beauty. Whether you’re revisiting the classic or embracing the latest trends, these palettes are your perfect companions for creating stunning eye looks that reflect the beautiful journey of Dose of Colors. Elevate your makeup game, relive the memories, and celebrate the future – all in one extraordinary set. 

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The Better Together Value Set pairs two limited edition eyeshadow palettes that convey our journey and pay homage to our vibrant makeup community that inspires us and has grown with us. Together, these pigmented palettes capture the essence of Dose of Colors with blendable neutral mattes, sparkling shimmers and unique pops of color. 

Step back in time with the Limited Edition “Nine Years Ago…” Eyeshadow Palette, a captivating blend of nostalgia and modernity. This palette transports you to a time when Dose of Colors was just starting to make its mark. With five rich mattes in a versatile range of everyday neutrals, it sets the stage for effortless everyday look. But we couldn’t resist adding a pop of fierce purple to awaken your inner wild side, igniting the fun and creativity that makeup can bring. Complementing the matte shades are four shimmers that offer a mesmerizing spectrum, ranging from sparkling to metallic finishes. These shades capture the spirit of innovation that has defined Dose of Colors over the years. 

Fast forward to today, the Limited Edition “…Nine Years Later” Eyeshadow Palette celebrates our thriving makeup community and nine years of delivering unmatched results. The “…Nine Years Later” Eyeshadow Palette is a tribute to this remarkable journey. It showcases five rich matte shades in everyday neutrals, embodying the timeless elegance that our community adores. The four shimmers in this palette are a testament to the evolution of makeup trends. From sparkling to metallic finishes, they cater to the diverse tastes and creativity of our passionate community. 


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