SKINDINAVIA The Makeup Remover Spray


This eco-friendly makeup remover works by first breaking down your makeup, allowing you to easily wipe away even the strongest waterproof products. You won’t have to scrub at your face to remove your makeup, damaging your skin and eyelashes. This formula is designed to penetrate through your makeup and effortlessly lift it away.

Other benefits of our makeup remover include:
• Vitamin E infused
• 100% active ingredients
• Water-free formulation
• Starts to work on your face instantly, removing the need to rub your face
• Hypoallergenic
• Oil and paraben-free
• All Skindinavia products are vegan and cruelty-free

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Use a microfiber cloth or cotton pad to wipe away makeup. This makeup remover spray is effective at removing even the toughest of products, including waterproof makeup, eyelash glue, liquid lipsticks, and highly pigmented eyeshadows.

The spray will penetrate deep into your pores, pulling out all the makeup products, all while nourishing your skin and protecting it from breakouts.