THE COMPLETE MAN The Complete World Vitamin E and Almond Oil Body Lotion


Using The Complete World Vitamin E and Almond Oil Body Lotion is the first step in caring for your skin and making a difference to its overall health, vigor and vitality. Formulated with Vitamin E for increased softness, elasticity and nourishment, and Almond Oil for smoothness and glow, regular use of this product is bound to bring a vast difference in the way your skin looks and ultimately feels. Our recommendation, use it at least twice a day (morning and night) to see discernible results in a short time.

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  • Unique Soothing Formula that absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft, nourished and healthy looking.
  • Gentle Moisturization to nourish dry and damaged skin
  • Replenishes Moisture for Softer and Smoother Skin
  • Non Greasy Lotion which is gentle on your skin
  • Suitable for everyday use.


1. Take required amount of lotion in your hands and spread on skin in circular motion.