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5 Ways You Never Thought Of Using Eyeshadow (That Are SO Bomb)

We love a good multipurpose hack, and surprisingly, eyeshadow offers plenty! If you’re the type who buys palettes just to have on display (we’re guilty AF here — our Naughty Nude is way too pretty), at least attempt to use them up within their recommended shelf life. And if you find it’s taking forever and a day to empty those eyeshadow pans, consider trialing these five hacks that’ll put all your cherished palettes to good use. 

Hack #1: Brows

There’s nothing worse than losing a brow pencil — a beauty crisis that can wreak havoc on your entire day. But before you fall to pieces, trust us when we say a brown eyeshadow will do a good enough job.

  • For sculpted brows, use an angled eyeliner brush and line the bottom of your brows, from the inner corners to the tail, with eyeshadow to create a more pronounced shape. Afterward, fill in your brow, applying color in gentle, upward strokes for a buildable and natural-looking finish.
  • For fluffier brows, Hung Vanngo, Selena Gomez’s go-to makeup artist, showcased the most beautiful fluffy brow technique in an eye makeup tutorial he posted last week, using only brown eyeshadow and an eye blending brush — it’s that easy, just watch:

Hack #2, #3 and #4: Contour, Cheek & Highlighter Trio

Packing your contouring powder, blusher, and highlighter on a night out will honestly take up so much unnecessary space in your handbag. Instead, utilize a versatile nude palette like our new Brown Obsessions to accentuate your features beyond just the lids.

  1. For cheek contouring, use the dark brown eyeshadow in the bottom left corner of our Toffee Brown palette to define your cheekbones.
  2. For a subtle summery flush, our molten copper apricot shade from our Caramel Brown palette will give you dreamy, citrusy apples.
  3. For in-your-face highlights, we have a range of buttery pearl shimmers and metallics in all our palettes that you can easily dab over your cheekbones, brow bones, and Cupid’s bow for some top-notch luminosity.

Hack #5: Lip Liner

If you don’t follow @cocoaswatches (Ofunne Amaka) on the ‘Gram, you’re seriously missing out on some of her game-changing makeup hacks, like her eyeshadow as lip liner reel below:

We don’t know about you, but we’re trying this out stat! If you do too, remember to prep and moisturize your lips with a hydrating balm first for all-day lip comfort.

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